Laser Eye Surgery Costs UK

If you’ve been contemplating laser eye surgery to correct your vision, understanding the costs involved is a crucial part of the decision-making process. With several types of procedures, clinics, and pricing models, it can be a complex landscape to navigate. In this article, we’ll break down the costs of common laser eye surgeries in the UK, so you can make an informed choice.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost Range by Treatment Type

The type of laser eye surgery you undergo will significantly impact the cost. Here’s a glance at the average price ranges you might encounter:

Laser Eye Surgery TreatmentPrice FromPrice To
LASEK (Bladeless)£1,495£2,450
LASIK (Bladeless)£1,695£3,450
ReLEx SMILE£2,495**£3,450

*Price from Optical Express for 23.4% of patients who qualify.
**Approximate price varies by patient factors.

Bladeless LASIK, which uses advanced 3D scanning technologies like iDesign, Intralase, and Wavefront, is typically more costly due to its precision.

Price Comparisons at Private UK Clinics

Prices for blade-free LASIK at popular UK clinics show differences based on location and clinic size:

CompanyTreatment NamePrice Per EyeDepositInterest-Free Credit (Months)
Optical ExpressLASIK with iDesignFrom £1,495£50010
OptimaxIntraLase® LASIK£1,99510%24
OptegraLASIK (blade-free)£1,99510%24
FocusLASIK (blade-free)£2,400 – £3,450£50012
Center For SightIntraLASIK£2,57320%24
London Vision ClinicLASIK (blade-free)£2,750 – £3,450£50024

Financing Options

Clinics usually offer financing options to help make the cost of surgery more manageable. While interest-free plans are common for short-term periods such as 10-24 months, longer-term plans come with interest rates between 10%-12% APR.

What Influences the Price?

Factors affecting the cost include the technology used, the complexity of the patient’s prescription, clinic location and size, and the level of patient care. Some clinics charge more for higher prescriptions or more complicated cases.

Cost Breakdown for Lens Replacement Surgery

Lens replacement surgery can also vary in cost based on the type of lens and the clinic:

ClinicMonofocal (Per Eye)Multifocal (Per Eye)
Optical Express£1,995*£3,195
Center For Sight£3,310- £3,775 **£4,350 – £4,725 **

*Cheapest price for certain candidates
**Toric lenses cost for higher prescriptions

Is Cheap Surgery Worth the Risk?

While it’s tempting to choose the least expensive option available, the expertise of the surgeon and the clinic’s reputation are paramount for a successful outcome. A lower upfront cost doesn’t always mean a better deal, particularly if aftercare and hidden expenses are not included.

NHS and Insurance Coverage

Generally, laser eye surgery is considered elective and isn’t covered by the NHS or most private insurers. Exceptions exist, so it’s always worth checking with your provider.

Considering Eye Surgery Abroad

While the prospect of cheaper procedures abroad is enticing, remember to factor in travel, accommodation, insurance, the potential need for return visits, and the risk associated with less stringent regulations.

Is Laser Eye Surgery a Good Investment?

Comparing the cumulative cost of glasses or contact lenses over the years, laser eye surgery might result in long-term savings. Careful calculation based on your spending habits is essential.

Final Considerations

Quality care and surgery success should take precedence over cost. With many clinics offering financing options, it’s unnecessary to compromise on quality for affordability. Thorough research and familiarity with potential hidden costs are crucial.

In summary, when it comes to your vision, the adage “you get what you pay for” holds true. Investing in reputable, quality eye care can deliver benefits that far exceed the monetary expenditure.

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